June 25th, 26th and 27th
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The world's largest Zero Waste
event is back to Brazil!

Examples, case studies and concepts from the world's leading experts.

3 days of intense knowledge
sharing and collaboration

The Zero Waste Cities International Congress arrives in its 3rd edition as an unique experience, where innovation meets tradition to create a truly transformative event.
Museu Nacional da República
Honestino Guimarães, em Brasília/DF
25 a 27 de junho
de 2024
Theme “Social Agreement - A Way to Transform Cities”
World leaders will be gathering to discuss the fundamental role of community engagement in building sustainable cities.
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Social Agreement
A Path to City Transformation

This is a call for everyone!
The challenge of “waste” is a reality that affects all of us and permeates every aspect of our lives. In addition to environmental and climate issues, we are faced with social, economic and governance problems that make the situation even more urgent and demand immediate action.

The Zero Waste approach proposes practical solutions and represents a transformation towards the sustainability of our cities. By embracing a Social Agreement we build bridges for unity and cooperation between different communities, inspired by the concept of collaborative villages, where everyone comes together for the common good.
This agreement is the key to reducing our environmental impact, promoting a more sustainable economy, reducing social disparities and encouraging innovation, job creation and entrepreneurship.

The participation of all sectors of society is crucial in this process. Zero Waste Cities is the stage where these ideas meet and where reflection turns into action.
Join us in this Social Agreement, the time to act is now!
Zero Waste Cities takes place on a journey through the Museum of the Republic and the Administrative Regions of the Federal District of Brazil.

In the midst of open-air spaces, the structure of the Museum joins the hollows, our meeting point for exchanging knowledge!

You'll find a program full of dynamic activities, demonstrations and experiments, covering the crucial thematic axes of the Social Agreement: Environmental, Economic, Social and Governance.
3 days of intense knowledge sharing and collaboration


Zero Waste Philosophy Present!
Collaborative Markets
and Trades
Electric Mobility
Startups and
Digital Culture


A unique and inspiring experience.
Inspired by collaborative villages, the Ocas represent the coming together of communities in search of the common good.
Here, learning and valuable exchanges come to life!

An event held by the Instituto Lixo Zero Brasil (ILZB)

Founded in 2010, ILZB represents in Brazil the ZWIA - Zero Waste International Alliance, an international movement of organizations developing the Zero Waste concept and principles around the world.
ambassadors who have been part of the ILZB over the years
(600 active in 2024 and present in 254 cities)
zero waste consultants
cities with ILZB activities
An instrument for innovation, propagation and the gathering of good national and global practices

Connections for a Zero Waste Future

You are invited!
International Community
Internal public (ILZB)
Civil Society
Private initiative and companies
“Zero Waste management is one that does not allow waste to be generated.”
+55 (61) 9 9301-8489
Setor Cultural Sul, lote 2,
Museu da República.